How Do You Make Sense Of The Confusing Nutrition Messages When You Don't Have A Billion Hours To Sit Around Reading Research?

The quality of the information you consume determines your actions and therefore your results - whether for yourself or in your fitness business.

Garbage IN = Garbage OUT, after all.

This is where nutritionable (this blog) and its fearless creator come in.

OK enough third person mumbo jumbo.

What you'll find here is evidence based but also entertaining and actionable content that you can consume & use without feeling like you're reading a boring novel.

Most of this content takes the form of short stories or analogies. Very occasionally I write something more detailed and lengthy (just to prove how smart I am, obviously).

Everything here is about simplicity, effectiveness and evidence.

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Yep, I'm More Legit Than A Herbal-Life Rep -->

(and clearly don't take myself too seriously, hence the bad humour)

"Mike, your email alerts are awesome. Personally I find them funny and they always give me a little boost to achieve consistency with healthy behaviours."

- Dr Lee Hamilton

"I read your emails because I love your honesty Mike. It's like you're in my head sometimes!!!!"

- Sanj Danjhal

"Hi Mike, Your emails are amazing, I really do enjoy them because if everyone would sugar coat things all the time, we wouldn't get nowhere."

- Kate Makaiova

"Hi Mike, Loving your daily emails, cutting through the crap. Keep fighting the good fight."

- Ross Coundon