It All Started With An Insult.

At the age of 17yrs, someone gave me the gift of a lifetime. “you’re fat mate” was the comment specifically.

That single comment triggered an obsession with nutrition, fat loss & training. Even before I knew what science even was, I read everything I could get my hands on.

From Overweight To Wearing Thongs.

After 7 years of self education, in 2008, I blagged my way onto the Sports Science degree program at Loughborough University.

There I became even more obsessed about the science behind nutrition, physiological and biochemical processes of the body and how to manipulate these for maximal performance. Even though at my initial interview I was told “you’re going to struggle on this course because you don’t have any GCSE’s or A-Levels”. I finished my degree with a 1st class honours.

During the exact same time I signed up for a bodybuilding show. With only 9 months preparation and having not trained in a few years, I placed 3rd at the East of England Bodybuilding Championships at 4% body fat (and nope, it wasn’t worth it). And yeah, I had to wear what looked like a thong, on stage, in front of hundreds of people.

Thats When People Started To Talk.

Not about the thong. But about the results people were getting after I’d helped them. Some of my first “clients” (more accurately: test subjects) were Olympic level athletes who were on my course.

Quite quickly I ended up with a small roster of clients and helping bodybuilders and fitness models win trophies (usually without all that cardio).

I Wanted More Geek.

Despite 3 years at University already I hadn’t done enough “geeking out”.

In 2010 I somehow landed myself a place on the Postgraduate Dietetics program at Leeds MET University. There I received training, and became obsessed with various clinical conditions. Having successfully completed this course (and the soul destroying placements), allows me to be on the HCPC register of health professionals.

These Days I Take The Fluff Out Of Nutrition.

Ever since being qualified I’ve been running clinics in the NHS helping people get a grip of their clinical conditions via the use of evidence based nutrition.

I also run Nutritionable where I’ve been lucky enough to do some cool stuff: written articles for popular media, consulted for other nutritionists, ran workshops for future olympians, helped bodybuilders win trophies and helped non-athletes get lean - even after everything else has failed.

I’m usually the guy people go to when they’ve tried everything else and nothing is working as it should be. And I’m cool with that. Because nothing makes me happier than when someone thinks nutrition won’t make much difference, then when they follow my advice and either their symptoms resolve or they get leaner, faster and with less effort.

How do I do it? 

I take the fluff out. And theres lots of fluffy nutrition information online, right?

Up At 6am, Having A Laugh.

Every day I wake up at 5.30-6am and I spend the first 30mins of my day watching or listening to comedy. I find it makes a huge difference to my day by putting me in a good mood and forcing me to slow down and appreciate life a bit more.