4 Rules To Coach Clients By

Got this comment from a client recently: “Mike, its like some kind of voodoo-magic yet its so simple. I can’t believe the results I’ve had. I’m a total convert. I would have paid thousands for this kind of clarity.” And I’ve heard similar remarks/comments being made over the years. Especially from the bodybuilders I’ve prepped.…

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Why Ketone Supplements = Stupid

Do ketone supplements help with weight loss? you've got more chance seeing a flying pig. Or a unicorn.

Sometimes weight loss (for you or your clients) is a lot like driving. Or road rage. I’ll let you decide. Imagine you’re sat in traffic on your way somewhere. The journey usually only takes 15 minutes but its been 26 minutes already. You can see the road is packed with cars but that doesn’t stop…

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Fuck Macros: Why Tracking May Be Making It Harder To Get Lean

Sensei Splinter thinks your macro ratio is bullshit.

Lets be honest, getting lean is a straight up pain in the ass. Not only have you got to train regularly and eat well (however you define that) but theres also motivational issues to consider, deciding whether to train alone or in a group, deciding what kind of training to do, planning everything around work…

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